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2019 Tacky Light Tours in Richmond, Virginia

The Tacky Light Tour season has arrived. If you participate in or host Tacky Light Tours, be sure you're familiar with the below resources developed by VLA in conjunction with Richmond law enforcement, administrators, fire/EMT, and transportation providers. Help us create a safe and positive Tacky Light Tour experience for all involved, including passengers, decorated home owners, neighbors, and sightseers in personal vehicles.

Tour Maps

The four maps provided show approved routes for the 2019 Tacky Light Tours in Richmond, Virginia. Drivers should follow the direction of traffic as indicated by the red arrows on the tour route maps. Pick-up and drop-off locations, when allowed, are also shown on each map.

Tour Guidelines for Drivers and Tour Guests

Make sure your drivers are in compliance with the below guidelines. Before departing for tours, drivers should also make passengers aware guidelines for participating in tours. You can also download the list of guidelines to share with drivers and guests.

Guidelines for Tour Drivers

  • Pre-plan your route with the group.
  • Review the “Guest Guidelines” with passengers before departing.
  • Follow route directions provided by traffic control.
  • Do not stop at homes. Tour vehicles should be continuously moving at a slow pace.
  • Only stop at Cul-De-Sacs when buses cannot enter.
  • Turn headlights off when parked.
  • Do not double park.

Guidelines for Tour Guests

    • Do not walk in any yards.
    • Never touch decorations.
    • No alcohol outside of any vehicle.
    • Dispose of trash properly.
    • Music should not be heard outside your vehicle.
    • Use language suitable for families.
    • Chose off days to visit for less traffic; Monday – Thursday
    • Most lights come on at 5:30pm.
    • Do not tour after 10pm on weekdays or 11pm on weekends. Most lights will be turned off after that.
    • Some home owners turn lights off in the rain.
    • Plan for restroom breaks through-out the tour at least every hour.


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